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for a boat ride? in the name of not taking our environment for granted? exactly. you never let me down before. i'll use a surface lure. [laughter] yeah. he invited all of us. but after max's recent behavior, he doesn't deserve a dinner out. you just met him. i don't trust him. you're so suspicious. it's just dinner. he's a nice guy. he's too flattering. what's wrong with flattering? i kind of like it. max, dinner in 20 minutes. pretty dressy. libby said it's a nice place. uh-huh. what do you mean, "uh-huh"? you're a guy-- at least you used to be. i still am. the ladies go for you, and uh... and uh...what? you ever think about settling down? you know, getting married? enjoying the flutter of little wings around the house? that's impossible and you know it. then what are you doing? first the lake, now dinner. it's part of my job. earl will be jealous and he'll step forward. libby's just a friend. fine. whatever you say. see you later. that's true. honey, go in and have your dinner. bedtime's 9:30, and mind grandma. ok, ma. see you later, max! where you been? i'm sorry. i didn't mean to wake you
you," where we have, like, layered vocals. when you're in an environment not watching a band play, sometimes you need a little extra something to spice it up. >> brittany: guys, thank you so much for letting us come by, and good luck tonight at your show. everyone, again, this is carney, and you're watching "beta records tv." >> what's up, everybody? i'm brandon johnson. welcome to "beta records tv," and in the studio today, we have the amazing jessie payo. welcome to the show, jessie. >> "amazing." >> so happy to have you here. one thing i want to get into right away that completely blew my mind was you just got done doing a month of no singing or talking. >> a whole month, like, nothing -- not even whispering. i was, like, walking around with a pad of paper, going to the gas station, saying like, "$20 on 4." what happened is that i had vocal nodes just from oversinging and just singing the wrong way. i decided to just take a month and get really healthy. >> what was the best part of it? >> i think people were nicer to me because i wasn't talking loud in their face. like, usually
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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